Digital Literacy- What Skills Do We Need?

Digital Literacy Skills- What skills do we need?

Each month on the first Thursday of the month, we talk tech! One of the questions you asked us to answer is what digital skills do we need in our roles?  Neil had his list of suggestions for each role, and I took this information and found resources that may help you acquire the skill or learn something new about it.  Each item will link to a way to learn more.
Now here is the outline by Neil Richmund; I’ve added links and additional comments to increase our learning from each other and the resources around us.

Practice makes perfect. First and foremost, this is the golden rule to get better; you must practice the skills you wish to improve. These are the things that we come across the most often. Skills differ by the position you are in.

The three objective categories:
1. Outreach- The staff that is responsible for making the public aware of services offered
2. Teachers/Staff
3. Students- Adult Learners


1. Website– Tool to contact those that seek your services
2. Graphics- Ability to create attractive images; try Canva. Canva Help page
3. Social Media- Where does your audience hang out? FacebookUse groups. Instagram
4. Spreadsheets- Put all your inquires to your program in one place! Google Sheets and or Excel
5. Google My Business – Learn more; click here!


(Digital Learning Day by Google is Feb. 25th, get started by clicking here!)

1. Using email- Outlook and Gmail
2. Using Zoom, Google Meet, etc. Recording Google Meet answer, click here.
3. Spreadsheets- Google Sheets and or Excel
4. Using different devices. Try wikiHow, Search on YouTube, GCF
Do you want to learn, learn, learn? Try, Kadenze, Udemy, Alison, Udacity, Open Learning Initiative,
5. Being open to letting students help you- This is so very important in so many ways. I found this quote and had to share it. (I’d love to hear your stories of how you learned from a student!)


1. Using email- Try this GCF course for free!
2. Logging in to tools
3. Resetting passwords
4. Uploading items (photos, docs)
5. Completing forms
6. Using Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

That concludes what we discussed.  You can click the link below to watch the Tech Talk. This is the blog and can be easily accessed by clicking the green button below, and you may also share your ideas and advice by commenting on the blog.

And don’t forget each Thursday at 10:30 am ET/9:30 am CT, Jenn is on Zoom to help you practice, learn from each other, or help find a solution you need. The links are always here.

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