Organization Memberships

Effective July 2022

Please see the chart below for the organizational membership types, the number of employees for each type, the base costs of each, and the additional membership costs when adding members.

Name of Membership Type

Number of Employees

Cost for # of memberships + additional cost for each membership between (#-#)


IAACE Organizational Membership 10-30 employees $500 (10 memberships)+

Add memberships (11-30) for $50 per member 

$5 savings per member
IAACE Organizational Membership 31-50 employees $1519 (31 memberships)+

Add membership (32-50) for $49 per member 

$6 savings per member
IAACE Organizational Membership 51-75 employees $2499 (51 memberships)+

Add membership (52-75) for $49 per member 

$6 savings per member
IAACE Organizational Membership 76-100 employees $3648 (76 memberships)+

Add membership (76-100) for $48 per member 

$7 savings per member
IAACE Institutional Membership 101 -500 employees $5,000 flat fee  minimal $550 savings


  1. ABC Organization has ten employees; they pay the base cost of $500 for a one-year membership for ten employees. This equals a $50 savings.
  2. XYZ Organization has 40 employees; they pay the base cost of $1519 plus 8 additional memberships at $49 each  ($49×8) for $392 for a total cost of $1911.  ($234 savings)
  3. Institutional Organization has 130 employees; they pay a flat fee of $5,000 for a savings of $1595 for a one-year membership for 130 employees.

Requirements for Organizational Memberships
1. The membership is opened by the organization, and one payment is made by the organization by credit card or check. Payments must be received within 30 days of the organizational membership open date.
2. The Organization account holds all employees as additional contacts supplying the name*, position*, address, email*, phone, and mobile. Name, Position, and email are the minimum required for membership privileges/benefits*.
3. Renewal dates will be one year from the organizational membership open date.
4. The Organization must have one individual responsible for administrative access to the account. Access to the organizational account will be granted by that email and password.
5. Organizational account administrators are responsible for updating and maintaining the employee contacts, including all employment changes.
6. The number of employees must be selected at the time of the membership opening because the cost fluctuates depending on the number of employees.
7. Refunds for existing memberships will not be made if transferred to an organizational membership. Individuals may maintain their membership until their own expiration and then request to be added to an organizational membership to IAACE staff and their own administrator.

The Board Membership Committee worked hard on this additional membership option and hopes that it will assist organizations to join IAACE. Jenn will work with organizations to determine the best plan for them if you need assistance transitioning to organizational membership. If you have additional questions, please email Jenn at

IAACE reserves the right to terminate the organizational memberships with 30 days’ notice to the organization and membership.