Digital Skills Lab Schedule

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Thursday, July 27, 12:30 pm CT/1:30 pm ET

Topic: Creating a Resume and using LinkedIn – learn how to create a resume online and use LinkedIn to network.

Thursday, September 7, 12:30 pm CT/1:30 pm ET

Topic: Social Media Essentials – Using Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps

Thursday, October 26, 12:30 pm CT/1:30 pm ET

Topic: Microsoft Office Essentials – Learn how to use MS Office tools

Recordings Available

Video Conferencing  –  basics and a couple of more advanced strategies to connect with students or to help students use the tools.

Replay on Cybersecurity – learn how to be safe online 

April Replay on Computer Essentials – Learn how to use a Windows PC as well as how to operate a macOS

Tablet Essentials – learn how to use an Android or Apple tablet

June Replay on Google Tools – Learn how to use the Google suite of products

Internet and Email – navigating the internet and setting up a Gmail account

All replays will be available on the platform under Digital Skills Lab.

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What to Expect:

The Digital Skills Lab picks a topic, and we will provide the following:

  • Basic training for administration and staff
  • Advanced strategies
  • How to train your adult learners/students
  • Provide resources to practice, teach, and more!

Digital Skills Lab

Share a topic that you would love for us to cover!

  • Cybersecurity
  • Internet and Email
  • Computer and or Tablet Essentials
  • Microsoft Office Essentials
  • Google Tools
  • Social Media Essentials
  • Creating a Resume and using LinkedIN