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Digital Skills Lab

This is the year of Digital Skills; we all know stuff and can all learn more. You might have heard it referenced as Digital Literacy. Literacy defines as”competence or knowledge in a specified area.” Our abilities differ in many specified areas, including reading, writing, mathematics, finance, and technology. We are human. There is never ‘nothing‘ […]

IAACE is More Than A Conference Part 2

The IAACE Board is more than a conference planning committee. The IAACE Board of Directors is made up of thirteen individuals. The Executive Committee comprises five elected officers: the President, President-Elect, Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The President-Elect has a three-year term, which allows the individual to co-chair our conference, our signature fundraiser, then move […]

2023 IAACE Board Nominations are Open

Board Leadership positions are open! Board members lead and direct our organization to support our mission/purpose to advocate for adult education in Indiana,  to support the vision to cultivate leaders who advance adult education for stronger communities, and also the IAACE values: Collaborates with Indiana adult education stakeholders. Communicates and promotes adult education. Facilitates professional development. Provides support to […]

Adult Education is at the Table

The Legislative Sessions are in progress. The Governor’s Workforce Cabinet made recommendations that call for an increase in adult education funding and to increase the offering of on-site education and training. IAACE supports the recommendations. The Governor released his Next Level Agenda and budget recommendations, and the increase for Adult Education will be 16.9 million for […]

Happenings, 2023

January is the time to set your calendar for the year and mark the dates of things you don’t want to miss and that you need to schedule around. Here are your handy dandy lists to consider:   Professional Development List: COABE 2023 Annual Conference:April 2-5 IAACE Spring Virtual Institute & Annual Meeting: May 5 IAACE […]

Digital Skills Resources

Looking ahead to the new year, what skill would you like to improve? Is it a digital skill? Digital skills are the ability to find, evaluate, use, share, and create content using digital devices, such as computers and smartphones. Another term for this has been Digital Literacy. Literacy is more than just reading and writing; […]


Winter has arrived officially today, December 21. I’m not ready for the cold, but I believe I’m prepared for the holidays. Gifts have been bought. Menu and grocery shopping are near completion, and Hippo has got his bath! The theme of the month has been Digital Equity, including Digital Skills. It has got me thinking […]

Gift of Digital Skills

If Santa could bring the gift of all the Digital Skills we need to be efficient in our daily lives, both personally and professionally, that would be the only gift I would ask for; how about you? Santa might have to gift us weekly to keep up. Keeping up on our digital skills is often […]

Gift of Digital Equity

Let’s keep this simple. “Digital Equity is a condition in which all individuals and communities have the information technology capacity needed for full participation in our society, democracy, and economy. It is necessary for civic and cultural participation, employment, lifelong learning, and access to essential services.” (//www.digitalinclusion.org/definitions/) There will be much work on Digital Equity […]

Invest in the Adult Education Story

As we close November, I’d like to summarize the theme of the month, Being Thankful for Your Story. The story of  Adult Education is every one of your stories. Everything we have asked for: Student Success Stories: //iaace.com/stories/ Business Partner Recognition Stories: //iaace.com/business-partner-recognition-submission-form-2022/ Influencer/Advocacy Success Stories: //iaace.com/share-an-advocacy-success/ Essay Contest Entries: //iaace.com/advocacy/essay-contest/ History of IAACE: //iaace.com/history/ […]