Membership Help

If your question is not answered below, please email or call 317-721-9365.
Please note the videos were recorded prior to the membership cost change. We will update gradually.

How can I find what I need on this website?

The easiest way is to utilize the search icon in the top right corner, it is a circle with a stick, to the right of More… . Click the icon, that brings up the search bar. Type what you are looking for on our website and click the icon. All the things that match will pull up. Scroll through the list. If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for try searching for phrases or more words.

What’s the difference between and is the website you are on currently that is all about communications about your membership. We put all the communication you need on this site. You can sign in to this site to see your profile, membership directory, and most professional developments require you to sign in with your email and password that you create.  See other help questions for more information. is your professional development platform (Your PD platform). You have access to this site if you have purchased a Virtual Institute ticket that was in April 2021 or the 2021 Fall Conference ticket.  The only way to gain access to this site is to have received an email with a link to gain access.  If you don’t have that email, email for assistance. This may take 24-96 hours depending on the day you email.

How do I find sessions to watch on the platform?

The easiest is to click My Account on the top right of your screen and view My Courses.

How do I know what memberships I have on the virtual.iaace platform?

Click the My Account, then Dashboard then scroll to My Memberships.


How do I find my completed professional development? How do I document my Professional Development points (PDP) or any other connection to your earning PDP or tracking PDP.

IAACE does not track your professional development for you.  It is your responsibility to track, document, and keep your records for your professional development. You are also responsible for inputting your PDP in the systems that your organization or licensure may require. IAACE does not do any of that for you.

IAACE often includes assistance for you to document your professional development by some type of form. The last two assistances are available at these links.

How do I sign-in to the website/membership base?

You will need your email that you originated your membership with and your password. Go to Member Sign In page. Enter your email that your membership orignated with and your password. You will see the membership database under the Membership Directory link/pageClick here to watch a video.

How do I renew my Membership?

You will need your email that you originated your membership with and your password. Go to Member Sign In page. Enter your email that your membership originated with and your password. You will the dashboard about page, scroll down and under IAACE Member ($55) there will be a blue button that says, renew, Upgrade or Update Billing. Click that blue button. Select the method of payment: CC recurring will save your credit card on file and renew automatically each year, one time via credit card or Mail Check. Complete the Credit card information if that is the method you choose. Click the blue-button to save and continue.  You will receive a confirmation email to the email account that you have on your membership. Watch a video by clicking here.

What to do if you forgot your password. How do I reset my password?

You will need your email that you originated your membership with. Go to the member log in link and change to the option to request password.  Type in the email that you originated your IAACE membership with and click blue button “request password.” A new password will be emailed to you and the subject line will be “Your sign-in for Indiana Association for Adult Continuing Education.” It typically arrives in minutes. Check your spam folder or junk folder if it does not arrive in your inbox. (You can add us to your contacts to assist with the filters.)

You may change your password when you are logged in on the About tab. Once logged in you will be on the About tab which has all of your information. The password field is under the phone field, it will have Change as a link. You will click that and type your choice of password in the box and click Save.

Click here to watch a video.

Where do I find my membership number? What do I need my membership number for?

You will find your membership number when you log in to the website/membership database under the About section. If you don’t have a number assigned to you you may use, C-0012345. This will signal COABE that you need a number assigned and we will contact you when it is assigned.  COABE renewal month is February. You need this number primarily for COABE activities.

How do I register for Conference?

You must log in to receive the membership rate for the conference.  You’ll need your email and password. Go to the Conference Promo page and scroll to Attendee Registration button, then scroll down to attendee registration button and click the purchase a ticket option.  Watch a video of the process by clicking here. You may start at the ticket link.

How do I register for Conference with a PO number for my organization to receive an invoice?

You must sign in to receive the membership rate and to be able to utilize a PO for paying for the conference.  You’ll need your email, password, and a PO number. You will enter your PO number at the end of the ticket. You will click the opt-in for communication and photography and then change the option (below the credit card information) to Or Click here option. Click the register button. You will receive an email with all your answers to the questions and a confirmation to your email address. Watch a video of these instructions, click here for the video.

You may register for the conference by starting on the ticket page, by clicking here.

What questions should I expect when registering for Conference?

The questions include Wednesday Lunch,  Thursday Lunch Choice, Friday Lunch Choice, Diet Restrictions and Allergies, Volunteer option, Special Assistance, PO Number if applicable, if NOT applicable put  0 (zero) in the spot,  Discount Code if applicable.

How do I make a nomination to the IAACE Board of Directors?

You must be logged in on the membership/website.  You will need the name, organization name, and email address of your nominees. You will need to provide a phone number in case the nominating committee needs to reach you.  Please ask the person you wish to nominate prior to submitting. You will nominate at the following link during the window of opening according to the bylaws, article IX, Section 2.  Link for nomination.  Click here to watch a video.

How do I become a member of IAACE to get all the benefits?

Please complete the membership form at Pay the $55.00 membership fee via credit card or check.  Your membership starts the day payment is made and that will also be your renewal date.  You will also set up your membership directory listing when you sign up.  You will have to process through each page and scroll to the bottom to click the save and continue blue button.  You are finished when you reached the dashboard screen.

If you have further questions on your membership, please see the bylaws or contact us.

Watch a video by clicking here.

May I or How do I transfer my membership?

A member may transfer their membership to another individual by sending an email to and providing their name, organization and email and the name and email address of the individual they wish to transfer their membership.   Here is an example. ABC Educational Center pays for 5 of their team members to join IAACE, Joe Member leaves ABC Educational Center prior to the year of his membership.  The Administrator may send an email to to request that Joe Member’s membership be transferred to Sally New Hire.  All we need is Name, Email, and phone number.     If you have further questions on your membership, please see the bylaws or contact us.