Add the Region 3 Rally to Your National Adult Education & Family Literacy Week Activities

What will your activities for the National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week include #AEFL?
As we ran in the last blog, you can reach out to your mayor.  If you already have a great relationship with them, fabulous!  You can invite them to your program, a recognition ceremony, or even a success story page on your website.
If you don’t know your mayor, reach out to them to get on their calendar in September!
Next, up please save the date for the COABE Region 3 Virtual Rally!
It will be a one-day event during AEFL Week on Friday, September 24th, 2021
What states are in Region 3? Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa.
What will we do within the Rally?
  • Showcase all the work that your state associations have been doing during #AEFL Week

  • Showcase all the work that your adult education organizations have been doing during #AEFL Week

  • Setup live and/or recorded legislator appearances scheduled during the event.

  • Setup live and/or recorded learner and staff stories and more

Let’s show all the great things that IAACE and the organization’s people are doing within our great state of Indiana and how we fit into COABE Region 3.

COABE Region 3 adult education agencies and state associations are engaging legislators and constituents, letting them know how our learners are important to the job market, providing significant opportunities to bridge the workforce supply-and-demand gap, and successfully focusing on a population that is extremely challenging to reach.


Would you please join us for what is sure to be a special event?
More information and registration link are coming soon.
Michael Matos, COABE Region 3 Rep
& Jenn Wigginton, IAACE Executive Director
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