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January 9, 2019

We wanted to send out a short and sweet communication to let you know of some important stuff that you could have missed. Some of which I went over on the State Call this morning.

  1. COABE sent a survey out; the Board strongly encourages you to assist COABE and NASDAE laying the groundwork for COABE ’s work with Congress.     SURVEY
  2. Conference News!
    1. Registration is open; registration information is available here:
    2. Call for Proposals has been extended, submit your proposal
  3. We have a new membership system on our updated website, check out this video to learn how to log in and update your profile,

    (It’s important that you are up to date on your membership before registering for the conference, email Jenn if you need help.)

  1. Advocacy Messaging!
    1. Get an employer champion who would speak publically in support of adult education because of the benefits they received.
    2. Participate in “Third House” or “Town Hall” meetings held between January and April, especially with your employer champion.
    3. Invite stakeholders to visit your program and attend events, such as awards and graduation ceremonies.
    4. Report all these activities to Rob Moore, our advocacy chair, at
    5. You can still sign up and watch the COABE Virtual Conference on demand.
    6. Your next IAACE Member News/ E-newsletter is in your inbox on January 24th; we are looking to bring you the information that you want and need. What’s coming?
      • IAACE Board of Directors Nomination process (another great reason to check your Member Directory)
      • Conference Excursions information, schedule outline and more.
      • Your article, submitted by Jan 17th to

Thanks for reading,

Jenn Wigginton, Executive Director


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