Adult Learners and Advocacy

Adult Education Students or Adult Learners, no matter what you call them, now is the time to capture this audience for the long haul. You have them graduating from your programs; perhaps some continue with the next steps within your programs but are they sharing their story? It would be best to have their stories to market your program and brag on your teachers, classes, and programming. You need them to be a leader for your organization! It would help if you had them to advocate. Adult Education needs adult learners to share their success stories to educate the public and our legislatures that Adult Education works! We must include student voices because they are a powerful tool. Adult Education can and does change lives; let their stories prove it.

This is when you capture the attention of your graduates and ask them whether they want to continue on a leadership track. Do they want to gain skills to add to their resume? Do they want skills to help them in a future career and as a community member? If so, then the Student Leadership Track is for them. IAACE will offer the track at the IAACE conference on Wednesday, September 28. The day will begin at 10:00 am ET and end at 6:00 pm ET. IAACE’s goal is to make Advocacy a daily practice. It isn’t about reacting to a crisis; it must be an ongoing and systematic part of our work. IAACE and COABE are always working together to further adult education, be a part of the collaboration, join IAACE, and receive a COABE membership. Already a member? Recruit now for your Adult Learner/Student to attend on Wednesday, September 28.



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