Student Leadership Track a.k.a. IAACE Leadership Track 2022

The Indiana Student Leadership Track, a.k.a. IAACE Leadership Track
took place on Wednesday, September 28, 2022, at the IAACE Conference.
The purpose was To Build Relationships, Connections and the ability to share the successes of Adult Education to increase funding in Indiana.

The Student Leadership Track featured the Award Winning four-module training from COABE Ambassador Training. The first module is about awareness, module two is about storytelling, module three is about sharing your story, and module four is about meetings with people who have influence. A COABE facilitator facilitated the module. Guest speakers included Joe Loftus, Representative Michelle Davis, and Senator John Crane.

The day included practice, networking, and building the skills a student needs to stand out against all other applicants and communicate effectively.  It will forever be a fabulous line on a resume for both the student and the staff member.
This day was possible because of the 2022 Programs Succeed when Leaners Lead Grant that Wayne Township Adult Education received.

Congratulations to the following, who completed the 2022 Student Leadership Track:

Lookman Akanbi

Shushan Weldebruk

Joy Mgbogi Reuben

Victor Abisoye

Olusola  Idowu-ogunleye

Bridget Anderson

Abimbola Ogunrinde

Sandra Zavala

Bukola  Bolaji

Assoumane Hamey

Roseda Romeus

Heydy Lachado

Autumn Temple

Mallory Balch

Ben Hunstman

Markens Mezier

Tina Kinirsky

Karla McCollum

Deb Sherwood

Laura Gajderowicz

Maeve Warrick

Konnie  McCollum

Christine Gall

Danni Mancusi-Shreve