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Happy Spring! The month of April is “hopping” with learning opportunities and networking.  I am so excited to attend IAACE’s very first Virtual Institute (VI), “Promising Practices in a Digital World”. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity! Don’t forget that the Annual Membership Meeting is also a part of this day but you do not have to be attending the VI in order to attend.  Stay tuned to your email and the website for directions.

As COVID restrictions begin to be lifted and vaccinations are distributed, I feel optimistic that 2021 is going to be an amazing year. 

Stay healthy and I look forward to “seeing” everyone on April 30!


Laura Smart
IAACE President 2020-21

The subject of this story, Agnes Woodward, was a student in the Monroe County School Corporation Adult Education Program.  She was a student of Chris Harmon from August to December 2017 and earned the Indiana High School Equivalency Diploma at that time.

Meet the Seamstress Who Designed Deb Haaland’s Ribbon Skirt for Swearing-In Ceremony

Are you registered yet? What are you waiting for?  The lineup is looking fabulous!

The Virtual Institute will be held on Friday, April 30th.  The goal of the April 30th institute is to provide quality professional development. The registration is $69.00 for IAACE Members, $89.00 for Non-Members, and a special rate for all support staff (volunteers, teacher aides, and office staff/clerks) of $49.00.

Registration is open, click here! 

Thank you to our title sponsors, Career North, and Texas Instruments. Texas Instruments has donated 200 perpetual licenses of TI-SmartView Mathprint for the TI-30XSMV calculator. There is a question in registration that will allow you to accept this gift.  If you will not use the calculator we encourage you to opt-out to allow it to go to those that utilize it.

We also are super excited about title sponsor Connectable by Neil Richmund. He is assisting us to bring you the Virtual Institute on our own getconnectable platform! We are building the page and we will have all the details soon! You can look forward to all the sessions being recorded to view after on the platform, picking your sessions that day, being on your screen of choice in your place of choice. (We suggest comfy clothes, your favorite drink and snack 😉

The website has a list of the sessions.  We will be collecting questions starting in April for the Town Hall with DWD’s Jerry Haffner and Marilyn Pitzulo. The IAACE Annual Meeting is a part of the day after the keynote. All members may attend the membership annual meeting find details at https://iaace.com/membership-annual-meeting/.

We thank all the sponsors for supporting our first Virtual Institute. Opportunities are still available to sponsor and support the event, contact director@iaace.com for more information or visit the be a sponsor page.

Sponsored Sessions

Leveraging Technology to Maximize Student Success in the New Normal
Mike Schmeckebier, Jon Racek
Mike Schmeckebier is President of CareerNorth and also teaches at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. Mike loves anything that involves helping people discover work that brings more meaning to their life.
Jon Racek is CEO of CareerNorth and also teaches in the School of Art, Architecture, and Design at Indiana University. Jon loves finding innovative ways to use his design skills and creativity to bring ideas to life for the benefit of others.
As student needs and your job expectations change it becomes more and more critical leverage technology in order to be the most effective. But have you ever felt the products available seem to fall short? In this session, learn how an Indiana Adult Education Director and an education technology company truly partnered together to create a product that helps educators and students find success.
How to Grow Your Adult Ed Program – Through a Pandemic and BEYOND
Neil Richmund, Amy Richmund
Neil Richmund is a native Australian who has lived in the US for over 30 years, during which he was a chaplain and teacher in Christian schools across the country before making the switch to using technology to help organizations, non profits, and schools reach their goals.  He is married to co-presenter Amy Richmund, and together they have three young adult children.  Amy has been a central Indiana resident for her entire life and has been in the world of education for her entire career, having taught in a wide variety of socioeconomic, age, grade, and ability levels, the most recent educational role being the HSE Supervisor for Wayne Township Adult Education through the end of last year.  Now Neil and Amy work together, consulting and building online solutions geared specifically toward the needs of adult education, working with several adult ed programs across Indiana and the nation to help boost enrollment and deliver programming during these creative times.  Even better, they have helped programs to keep the personal connection and engagement with their solutions, even throughout shutdowns and diminished class capacity.  Amy and Neil are passionate about helping adult education programs reach their goals, sharing their combined 20+ years of adult education and technology implementation experience with adult ed programs across Indiana.
Adult Ed programs have had to figure out how to deliver their great programming in the midst of shutdowns and lower facility capacity.  We have been blessed to help several of Indiana’s programs, both large and small, to still enroll students, maintain growth, offer career training, deliver life coaching resources, and even deliver professional development in a personal, engaging way by using our online portals.  You will learn how we helped programs across Indiana and the nation to reformat programming to maintain their enrollment and growth even when forced into remote learning and lower class capacities.
Planning for Blended Learning Lessons: Templates and Tools for Student Success
Susan Roberts
Susan Roberts of SCR Consulting is a trainer, teacher, author, and lifelong learner with 13 years of adult education instructional leadership and curriculum experience. She works with states, programs, test developers, and publishers across the country to help make standards-based, contextualized instructional content integration a seamless—and most importantly, fun!—process. Through her in-person and virtual professional development platforms, Susan has worked with thousands of teachers throughout the country.
As classrooms go virtual, students and teachers alike need support. Learn about key lesson elements for one-on-one, blended small group, and in-person classes with digital platform use from home.
Indiana Teachers are talking about the NEW Burlington Core!
Laura Smart
Laura has taught in the fields of special education, adult education and corrections for the last 30 years. Presently, she is the Burlington English Customer manager/trainer for Indiana and Kentucky.
*note: Laura will be accompanied by 2 ESL teachers using Burlington English in their classrooms.

Hear how Burlington Core is helping Indiana’s teachers transform their traditional classrooms into technology-rich learning communities where teachers facilitate learning and students are motivated to achieve success!

Survey Says…
Rich Palmer
Rich manages the Midwest sales territory for Essential Education, helping educators support learners as they pursue their education and career goals. A new father and avid golfer, Rich has neither slept nor played golf in months!

Come to a Family Feud-style presentation of our exceptional adult learning programs. Be prepared to have fun while you learn how Essential Education’s newest programs can impact your classroom today! Participants will be provided an overview of both digital and print programs and receive samples and demo seats to explore further after the session.

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2021 IAACE Awards

The Award timeline, the nomination process will open on Monday, May 3, and will remain open until Monday, August 9, 2021.  The award committee chair is Tom Miller. The committee will be made up of past award winners. You may view a list of past award winners at iaace.com/annual-awards-history/. If you are a past winner please know we will be reaching out to you in the near future to be a part of the committee and share the details of the process.

The Tech Talk for March was a great session on ideas to help you improve your website to make it easy for potential learners to find what they need. Did you miss it?  View it herehttps://youtu.be/Zrg0g6DSacc

In our April Tech Talk, we will answer questions about marketing for learners, advocating for adult education, and all your burning technology questions!  All questions are welcome!  You can’t learn if you don’t ask.
Submit your questions early!

Submit a Tech Talk Question Early
COABE is holding its annual Capitol Hill Days from March 24 to April 6, 2021—this year taking place virtually and extended to  two weeks to ensure all adult education advocates can make their voices heard virtually on Capitol Hill. Policymakers are making critical decisions right now about emergency funding for adult education programs due to the pandemic, and for longer-term appropriations funding. We must let Members of Congress know that our adult educators and our adult learners are among the most vulnerable workers, and they are in dire need of additional support!

We encourage you to a “How To” video at https://coabe.org/capitol-hill-day/ to learn how to make appointments with legislators and engage in Virtual Capitol Hill Days. For more guidance including how to contact your legislator, how to have a successful meeting, logging your appointments, and completing the feedback form, please review the resource entitled “COABE on the Hill Master Guide” at the same website.

Our IAACE Executive Director Jenn Wigginton, as a COABE State Advocacy Fellow, will participate in Capitol Hill Days, and we encourage all of our members and students to do the same.  What a great civics lesson it could be!

Rob Moore
IAACE Advocacy Chair

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We are in the process of sending updates for all that have joined after Feb 10th. You should expect another email within the next two weeks.  When joining it may take up to 30 days for your COABE membership card to be received. Memberships must be paid in full to receive your COABE member number.
Do you use edpuzzle? Would you like to? Did you know they are offering schools to get an upgrade to pro accounts until the end of July?  If your school has not done it or if you would like to join IAACE’s “school” you can join with the referral link, https://edpuzzle.com/schools/join/n3zkbe
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