Employer Engagement Committee Mission

The employer engagement committee is focused on building collaborations between employers and adult education providers to increase opportunities for our adult education learners. ​

Key Result Area 1
Establish an Anthem/Other Provider Workshop at IAACE to launch a “ticket to testing” for AE providers. The purpose of the workshop will be to announce a clearly defined process for leveraging testing sponsorship. (Collaborate w/ MP Initiative)

Key Result Area 2
Create an Employer Track for IAACE
Calling for Presenters:
The Employer Engagement Committee is seeking dynamic examples of how adult education and employer partnerships can be designed in various applications:

 A) WorkIN – direct and broker models
B) IET – Looking for rural models to feature
C) WEI – pathway to design
D) Building the Blueprint for Career Training

 Key Result Area 3
Create a Team Drive for All Adult Education Providers with key resources such as:
A) Develop a statewide database of statewide associations with contacts for local employer partners. (I.E. HVAC, Welding, CCMA, etc…)
B) Providing IET/WorkIN Curriculum
C) Providing IET Lesson Plans