The Call for Proposals is Open!


The Indiana Association for Adult and Continuing Education (IAACE) is a statewide association of individuals and institutions promoting the education and training of adults.  The organization evolved from a group of adult educators who first met in December 1943 to discuss the future of adult education in Indiana.  Since that time, many changes have occurred in Indiana’s social and economic structure that resulted in an increased need for adult education.

Membership in the Indiana Association for Adult and Continuing Education includes adult education professionals from public school adult education, community education, continuing education programs, business and industry, health and social welfare agencies, corrections, hospitals, libraries, and many other fields.  Members from these diverse groups come together to share information and to form partnerships in order to better serve adults throughout Indiana with education, employability, and career pathways.

This year’s conference will be held on October 2, 3, 4. Our theme is ROUND UP YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND SADDLE UP FOR SUCCESS. We encourage you to implement aspects of the theme into your presentations.  We need creative ideas and strategies for teachers, administrators, life coaches, corrections, and support staff.  If you are interested in helping build our future by presenting at the annual IAACE conference in Florence, Indiana, please reach out to a strand lead with your idea and complete the form below.

  1. Administrative: Leadership Skills, Directors – Amber Finnegan
  2. ABE Curriculum – Katie Walton
  3. Corrections – Shawn Hughes, Mike Thombleson
  4. ELL – Brenda Gaston
  5. Technology/Digital Literacy – Sheila Butler
  6. WEI/IET Workforce – Konnie McCollum, Roy Melton, Caroline Foster
  7. Personal Development – Konnie McCollum, Caroline Foster
  8. Administration of a Program: Data Entry & Testing Centers – Angie Reffo, Deb Sherwood

Jenn Wigginton, IAACE Executive Director, Co-Chair Conference


Presenters Agreement


    1. You must register for the conference and pay the registration fee.
    2. Will be responsible for all costs related to transportation, room, and board.
    3. Will be responsible for furnishing handouts, electronic or paper. IAACE will not make copies for you at the conference
    4. The conference provides a projector, screen, tables, and AV cart; please bring your own computer and any special adaptors/plugins.
    5. Will be responsible for arrangements and costs of audio/visual equipment beyond what the conference provides
    6. Will not be paid an honorarium. (a discount code will be provided for registration, no refunds or retro actives)
    7. Must adhere to all copyright laws
    8. Will be responsible for the security of any personal equipment used in a presentation
    9. Will read and respond to all emails related to presenting at the conference and agree to receive text messages in relation to your presentation
    10. Grant permission to IAACE to use any photography or videography taken by the conference planners for future promotional purposes.

The deadline to submit a presentation is June 7, 2024. The Conference Planning Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal for presentation. Presenters must register for the IAACE 2024 conference by August 3, 2024. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the presenter’s workshop. Please contact with any questions.

Concurrent presentations are 60 minutes in length.