Who: Everyone planning to attend at least one day of the IAACE Fall Conference

What: Cloth bags from previous IAACE Conferences; if you’re attending for the first time, find a gently- used cloth bag from (any) previous promotional event. More than one bag is acceptable.

When & Where: Sept. 28-29th Belterra Casino Resort. Bring the bag(s) with you to the conference Check-in table when you arrive, beginning at 9 am on Wednesday. 

How: Fill it with teaching supplies & materials you would like to donate (if desired)

Why: Reduce the cost and waste of giving out more conference bags; Repurpose the bags and materials so they can be used by another Adult Education colleague


Oldest conference bag 1st and 2nd place:

Amazon Echo Show 15″ (wall mount) 249.99 value
Amazon Echo Show 10″ (tabletop) 249.99 value
Any bag donated with “Pay it Forward” items- Entered into a Drawing for:
Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet- 149.99 value

Bag swap activity: All participants who brought a bag will be allowed to “swap”- keep a donated bag if desired on Thursday morning (Sept. 28th). Any remaining items will be donated to the Teachers’ Treasures Organization.


Watch a video on the contest and make your own on Flip, flipgrid.com/2f24144e.