Gear Up for Adult Ed Day

Mark your calendars! Adult Education Day is approaching on February 13th, and it’s the perfect opportunity to invest in adult education and showcase the power of lifelong learning.  But before the fun begins, let’s ensure a successful event by strategically inviting key players and preparing ourselves.

Inviting Your Local Champions:

Legislators: Their presence sends a powerful message about the importance of adult education and secures invaluable support for future initiatives. Reach out to their offices, highlight success stories from your programs, and personally invite them to experience the learning firsthand. The invite was delivered on Feb. 6th; now, a great follow-up from you: their local program would be a phone call or an email. Need help with the email, click here.

Essay Winners: Have you confirmed your winner’s attendance? We are recognizing eight honorable mentions in alphabetical order and three places. Keith Pressley will read his winning essay. All essay honorable mentions and places should report upon arrival to Adrienne Carrol or Konnie McCollum to claim assigned seating. Ian Stutz, 2023 IAACE Adult Learner of the Year, will be a part of the recognition

Business Partners: The partners submitted will be recognized in alphabetical order, and three have been invited to speak. They have been sent an email describing to arrive at 11:00 am to report to Rob Moore to claim assigned seating and stage directions.  If you have a partner on the list, a follow up with them to ensure their attendance via a phone call or email would be great.

Share the News Release: If you’d like to help educate the public about the celebration, we invite you to share the IAACE Press Release with your local media.  View in Google Docs or view on the website.

Getting Yourself Ready:

RSVP promptly: This helps organizers plan seating and programs. Check the event website at // to submit your response for your program as a whole.

Parking & Arrival Time: Find out parking options beforehand and plan your arrival time to avoid any last-minute stress. The parking locations, entrance locations, and directions are on this page. If you are bringing a bus, parking is available at the Zoo for $20, credit card only.

Program Details: Familiarity is key! You can download the program agenda at It is located in the top right corner.


Beyond Logistics: Embracing the Experience:

Dress comfortably: Business attire. Walking is a given. We hope that we will have seating for everyone, but seats are limited, so wear comfortable shoes. Remember you will have to pass a metal detector.

Bring a positive attitude: This celebration is most effective when you’re open and enthusiastic. Come ready to engage, ask questions, and network with other participants.

After the program: We have a state house tour at 1:00 pm for the first 100 participants. Need some tips for the tour, click here. Directors Meeting from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm at the Indiana Government Center- South in rooms 4 and 5. Click here to see the Directors Meeting Agenda. The PDFs will meet in DWD Conference Room 301A.

By inviting key stakeholders, preparing efficiently, and maintaining a positive mindset, you’ll not only contribute to a successful Adult Education Day but also maximize your personal learning experience. Remember, this day is about celebrating adult education and its ability to transform lives. So, unleash your curiosity, connect with others, and embark on a journey of lifelong learning!

See you at the North Atrium on the 2nd floor at the Indiana Statehouse at 200 W. Washington Street in Indianapolis on Tuesday, February 13, at 11:00 am ET for the reception, and the program begins at 11:30 am ET.

This is going to be a great #connection!

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