Gift of Bootcamp Resources

Enrollments, Enrollments, Enrollments!

In the Monthly Minders this month, Rob Moore, IAACE mentor, shared an idea to increase enrollments. This idea is to utilize  HSE Bootcamp or HSE in a Hurry type of class. It also made me realize that IAACE collaborated with several programs in 2022 for a presentation at COABE on Indiana Bootcamps across the state. With that came lots of resources that we shared, and they are available for IAACE members at//

What kind of resources are they?

Boot Camp Outline, Breakdown of Topics, Math Content Hand Out, Reading Handouts, Social Studies Hand Out, and more!

If you need assistance preparing this class type, contact IAACE, and we will set you up with a HSE Bootcamp/HSE in a Hurry mentor!

What are you waiting for? Sign in and view the resources.

We hope this created a sparkle in your day!

#HolidayResourceSharing #SparklingConnections

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