Three things to know about your COABE membership benefit now.

One of the great benefits of IAACE is your Coalition On Adult Basic Education (COABE) membership that is included. As a large group member, this provides every IAACE member with an individual COABE membership.  We love COABE’s mission, and the collaboration has led to many incredible things.  We want to ensure you get the most out of your COABE membership. That’s why we curate content that we believe will be valuable to you. We understand the amount of information delivered to your inbox is a lot to digest. We do have to pick and choose, but you can always choose what emails you receive from COABE by managing your membership. As we embark on the IAACE strategic plan, know that COABE will be a part of our success.  Now, here are three things we want you to know about COABE happenings.

  1. Did you see the list of Google Scholarships awarded by COABE– Indiana has 40 recipients! Congratulations to all, and best of luck completing your certifications. See the list.
  2.  The professional development series that we have mentioned in the past couple of newsletters, Building an Effective Adult Education Brand with Full Capacity Marketing. Part One was on positioning your AE Brand for Recognition and Value. Click here to view the recording, and click here for the slides.  There is a lot of value in using benefits over features and having a clear call to action. Some highlighted tools were the Move Ahead with Adult Ed Campaign and Impacts Count Initiative. Part 2 will be The Art of Storytelling: Building Your Adult Education Brand through Stories on November 7. Register now. 
  3. The COABE Innovations Committee works on employer engagement through the Behind Every Employer Campaign. They are working on gathering employer feedback on their knowledge of Adult Education. They need our help to get the survey in the hands of employers you are working with and maybe even the potential employers on your list. We ask that you take a look at the survey and be ready to ask key employers in your communities to take the survey; we will all benefit from the knowledge in the long run.  Here is the survey link to review from the past:
    1. This was updated on 11/2/23. The link is to serve as a point of reference from the first study that was done a few years ago. This is not the link to be shared at this time.

We are here for you if you need any assistance with any of the above or understand any benefit of IAACE/COABE.


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