Business Partner Recognition

Each year at IAACE’s annual Adult Education Day, we celebrate our students and partners in Adult Education. Next year’s event, Adult Education Day: Forging the Future, will be held on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, at the North Atrium of the Indiana State House. This is a perfect opportunity to celebrate our students and acknowledge and celebrate the many partners that help make Indiana Adult Education one of the best programs in the nation. It is vital that we recognize our business partners and shine a spotlight on how they help us create opportunities and break down barriers for our students. IAACE’s Business Partner Recognition is a chance to tell your business partners you appreciate them.

IAACE has made it really easy to nominate. It only takes a few minutes to go to our website // and fill out the form for each partner. You don’t have to write more than 200 words, which is about how many words you’ve actually read up to this point in this article. Perhaps you have that special business that has donated all the scrubs for your CNA class, or maybe there is an employer who willingly takes on all the new welders you just completed, or even a business partner that helped you tackle building a computer lab at the local church for your students. Regardless of whether your business partners have helped one student or 100, publicly recognizing their work is vital to continued relationships and the growth of partnerships. 

Don’t be shy about telling us who should get credit for helping you. This is your chance to shout out how valuable and important they are. Again, every relationship is unique, and we want to celebrate Statewide the ingenuity, connectedness, and creativity of your business partners. They deserve all the credit and thanks we can give them.

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