2023 IAACE Adult Learner of the Year

IAACE proudly announces the 2023 Outstanding Adult Learner of the Year, Ian Stutz, a resident of Valparaiso, IN. Ian was nominated by his program, NEO- Neighbors Educational Opportunities.

Ian is an inspiration to all who know him, having overcome significant challenges to achieve his educational goals.

Ian entered the NEO program at an E level in math, a D level in language, and an M level in reading. Despite his learning disabilities and difficult life circumstances, Ian made significant gains in all three areas. He was able to advance to an M level in math and improve his scores in language and reading.

Ian was determined to take and pass the HISET exam. He spent countless hours studying, both in class and at home. He took advantage of distance learning opportunities and used the HISET and TABE Academy classes to prepare for the exam.

On his first attempt, Ian passed all areas of the HISET exam except reading. He came back during the summer to focus on reading and used various resources, including the Score Boost booklet, reading lab programs, and IXL. He also helped new students get used to the computer and learn about the different reading programs available.

Ian realized that it would take hard work and dedication to achieve his goals. He made a commitment to study for three hours each day and used his time wisely. He took as many practice tests as possible to prepare for the final exam.

Ian’s hard work and perseverance paid off. He passed the HISET exam with a score of 9 on the reading section, earning his high school equivalency diploma. Ian is now on track to achieve his dream of becoming a meteorologist.

Ian is an inspiration to all adult learners. He has shown that overcoming any challenge and achieving your goals is possible. Congratulations, Ian!

Ian overcame his disability and was able to pass his HISET test by:

  • Setting clear goals and developing a study plan. Ian knew that he needed to study hard and consistently to pass the HISET exam. He set clear goals for himself and developed a study plan that worked for him.
  • Taking advantage of all available resources. Ian used various resources to prepare for the HISET exam, including distance learning courses, TABE Academy classes, practice tests, and reading programs.
  • Getting help from others. Ian was not afraid to ask for help from his teachers, classmates, and family members. He also helped other students in his class, which helped him to learn and retain information.
  • Never give up. Ian faced many challenges along the way but never gave up on his goal of passing the HISET exam. He showed incredible perseverance and determination.

Ian’s story is an inspiration to all adult learners. He has shown that overcoming any challenge and achieving your goals is possible. His success is a reminder that it is never too late to learn.

Ian’s story is also a reminder of the importance of distance learning. Distance learning can be a valuable tool for adult learners who must balance their studies with work and family commitments. Ian is living proof that distance learning can work.

Ian will receive his award at the 2023 IAACE Conference Award Program on Thursday, September 28 at 7:30 pm. Congratulations to Ian and NEO!

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