7 Outstanding Tips to Write an Award Nomination

Have you procrastinated writing that award nomination because you aren’t sure of their membership or don’t know the criteria? Or maybe you just hate writing!  I have some outstanding tips!

  1. Read the descriptions of the awards; it includes if they have to be a member to be nominated, and it might make you think of someone!  View the descriptions at //iaace.com/iaace-award-nominations-2023/.
  2. Check out if someone is a member by viewing the directory at //iaace.com/member-directory/#!directory/map
  3. Check out the past award winners. This will help you know if your idea has won before, and maybe it may spark an idea of who deserves a nomination. View the list at //iaace.com/annual-awards-history/.
  4. Use a graphic organizer to help you break down the information that should be included. There is an example at //iaace.com/awards/.
  5.  Write it in Google Docs or Microsoft Word to check for grammar and spelling, then copy and paste it into the form.  Remember Ctrl C copies and Ctrl V paste. You could also use your favorite tool to check; my favorite tool is Grammarly
  6. Are you really stuck? You could let AI offer some help. Try bard.google.com. It’s not perfect, and you might have to tweak it, and it might help you get unstuck. Here is an example:
    • My request: Write a nomination for Joe Member for Outstanding Administrator for the IAACE Award due to his work ethic, attention to the team environment, and always going up and beyond for adult education.
    • Bard response:

      I am writing to nominate Joe Member for the Outstanding Administrator Award from the Indiana Association for Adult Continuing Education (IAACE). I have had the pleasure of working with Joe for the past five years at the Acme Adult Education Center, and I have been consistently impressed with his work ethic, attention to the team environment, and dedication to adult education.

      Joe is a highly motivated and results-oriented administrator. He is always looking for ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our programs, and he is always willing to go the extra mile to help students succeed. He is also a great team player and is always willing to share his knowledge and expertise with others.

      One of Joe’s most notable accomplishments was his leadership in the development of our new online learning platform. This platform has made it possible for us to reach more students than ever before, and it has also made it easier for students to learn at their own pace. Joe worked tirelessly to ensure that the platform was user-friendly and that it met the needs of our students.

      Joe is also a strong advocate for adult education. He is always looking for ways to make our programs more accessible and affordable, and he is always working to raise awareness of the importance of adult education. He is a frequent speaker at community events, and he is always willing to meet with potential students to discuss their educational goals.

      I believe that Joe is a deserving recipient of the Outstanding Administrator Award from the IAACE. He is a highly skilled and dedicated administrator who has made a significant impact on the field of adult education. I highly recommend him for this award.

  7.  Block your calendar, close your door, go to a quiet spot where you can avoid interruptions, and get it written and submitted by the end of the day Friday, August 11, 2023.

That’s my 7 outstanding tips for writing your nominations for any or all of the 7 categories. Nominate in all categories or just a handful.  The award committee is looking forward to reading about your nominee. I’m looking forward to the award program on Thursday, September 28, at 7:30 pm at Blue Chip Stardust Ballroom in Michigan City.


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