To-Do at the Beginning of the Program Year

By Rob Moore, IAACE Mentoring Project

So we started Program Year 2023 on July 1. Need a handy-dandy checklist of tasks to do at the beginning of the year? Here’s one you can use. I’m not saying it’s all-inclusive, but at least it’s a start. If you know of other important tasks I left off, please send them to me at

 Staff. Conduct an orientation to adult education for new staff members.
 Professional Development. Appoint your Professional Development Facilitator and review the job duties with the PDF and all staff members. Share your Program Development Goals with all staff members. Don’t forget to include your plans to send staff to the IAACE Fall Conference.
 Marketing and Recruiting. Ensure your program’s website, social media pages, and fliers are up to date with class days, times, locations, and names of staff members. Set and publicize dates and processes for student registration. Send this information to your community partners. Check and update your program’s information in the National
Literacy Directory at
 IETs, WEIs and IELCEs. Send these applications to Roy Melton ( for classes you need designated as Integrated Education & Training, Workforce Education Initiatives, and/or Integrated English Literacy and; Civics Education.
 Budget. Make sure your financial officer has your budget and has set up your accounts in your organization’s accounting system.
 Instructional materials. Order instructional materials teachers need and renew online learning subscriptions if needed.


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