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Resources, Resources, Resources! There’s nothing like Resources.  IAACE provides many a collaboration of resources, but today let’s focus on digital resources. Our goal is to make our members digitally resilient! Adapting to the ever-changing digital world is important for all of us. IAACE is increasing our Digital Resources and Best Practices in ELL, Literacy, and HSE Diplomas! The benefit of resources and support is something we take seriously; our members are a  benefit network. Therefore, we continue to take submissions to our resources database! Here are some of the latest added to the resources. We will revamp the website to make it easier for you to locate. These are worth a bookmark!

ACRONYM DICTIONARY- First released in a Monthly Minder, now a resource on the website at

DIGITAL SKILLS/LITERACY– A fabulous Digital Skills

This includes a Digital Skills Glossary– A Collaborative effort that defines digital words in a simple context. Knowing the “language” of digital skills is an important foundation for digital resilience. The Digital Skills Glossary is a set of open vocabulary-based resources and activities to help build learners’ digital resilience.

EdTech Integration Strategy Toolkit 

The EdTech Integration Strategy Toolkit is a resource to help educators explore sustainable edtech routines — general, repeatable edtech activities that can be leveraged regularly regardless of context or content and provide predictable experiences for learners— and understand the underlying evidence-based strategies behind their use. It also provides guidance on developing learners’ digital literacy when implementing these routines by providing sample questions teachers can ask that support direct instruction of digital skills. These questions are designed to help connect the tasks learners perform through the routine to the underlying digital skills being developed.


ELL/ESL– “Start with what they know.” Dr. Glenda Rose. 3,320 Free English News Lessons in 7 Levels Free picture cards and word cards for teaching language in three easy-to-print sizes.


We also want to give you advance notice of October 2-6 Digital Inclusion Week

Digital Inclusion Week is an annual awareness, recognition, and celebration week with support from NDIA; organizations and individuals across the country host special events and campaigns to promote and increase digital equity in their communities. We are assisting the planning with COABE to offer inclusiveness!

Repeating the skill will get you there! Visit get the repeats of Video Conferencing Basics, Computer and Tablet Essentials, and Google Tools.

If you have something to add to Best Practices, click here.

If you have something to add to Tech/Digital, click here.


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