Be an Over Believer

Be an Over Believer

I realized when I read this Daily Positive that I’m an over-believer.  I’ve found that being positive is the key to so much. When I was first starting out in my career, my manager told me to keep trying even when things seemed bleak. “Don’t be discouraged by failure,” she said. “Just keep trying, and you will succeed.” Since then, I’ve found that her advice applies to life in general: if you can maintain a positive attitude about your goals (whatever they may be), then you will achieve them more easily than if you’re always looking on the dark side of things.

Positivity is infectious.

Positivity is infectious. You can catch it from the people around you, and it’s a good thing to have!

The benefits of being positive are well-documented: positive people have better relationships, are more successful in their careers, and are healthier than their negative counterparts. They’re also happier as a result of feeling appreciated for who they are by the people around them–and this can make all the difference when it comes to making big decisions about your life, like where to go next or what career path would be best for you (or whether or not this one really is).

Positive thoughts move you forward.

Positive thoughts are more powerful than negative ones. They can help you achieve your goals, while negative thoughts will hold you back.

So what do you think about when you’re feeling down? Do you remember all the things that went wrong in the past or imagine what might go wrong in the future? Or do you focus on all the good things in life and how great they make us feel?

I’m not saying that we should ignore our problems or pretend they don’t exist–but if we spend too much time thinking about them, it becomes easy to get stuck in a cycle of negativity.

Positive people are more productive.

Positive people are more productive. Negative people are less productive. That’s a fact, but why?

Positive people are more creative and innovative, which means they’re able to come up with better solutions to problems than their counterparts, who can only see the negative side of things. Positive people also tend to be leaders because they have a vision for what they want their company or organization to achieve – and that includes everyone involved in it! In addition, positive thinking makes communication easier: when you’re happy about something (or just feeling good about yourself), others respond better too!

Negative people sap your energy.

Negative people sap your energy.

They are a drag on your time, energy, and the team’s morale. They drain the company of its resources and, in turn, the world of valuable resources. Negative people are toxic not only to themselves but also to those around them–especially their loved ones who have to suffer through their constant barrage of negativity.

An optimistic attitude attracts positive people.

Positive people are drawn to each other. They’re drawn to the positivity and energy that come from a person who believes in themselves, their team, and their mission. The more you surround yourself with these types of people, the more likely you are to succeed as well.

Negative people can be a drag on your team and make it harder for everyone else around them to succeed because of how much negative energy they produce and exude into the environment around them. If someone is constantly complaining about something or someone else, then chances are they aren’t going anywhere fast! You don’t want that kind of negativity around when trying to achieve goals, especially if those goals involve accomplishing something great together as a team!

Be the leader of the pack, not the follower.

  • Be the leader of the pack, not the follower.
  • Be the first to try new things.
  • Be the first to help others.
  • Be the first to offer help when it’s needed most and do so without expecting anything in return (unless you want it).
  • Praise others often for their accomplishments or even just for being themselves! You never know how powerful those words could be for someone else out there who needs some encouragement at that moment in time, so why not say something nice? And if you’re feeling generous with your compliments, then even better!

Don’t be discouraged by failure or negative people, keep trying, and you will succeed!

Don’t give up, keep trying. Don’t be discouraged by failure or negative people, keep trying, and you will succeed!

Be an Over Believer!

I hope these tips have inspired you to be more positive in your life and work. Remember, positivity is contagious! If we all try to spread happiness around us, we can make the world a better place for ourselves and others.

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