State Association Leader of the Year

By Jenn Wigginton

Here is a highlight that happened at  COABE Preconference. I was named the State Association Leader of the Year!

This is the result of the State Association Leadership Institute (SALI) program by COABE that has been in progress for the past nine months. The prize was a $100 Gift Card for myself and $2,000 for the association. The program has had a member from each state participating in the program. The program is about strengthening current state associations and growing opportunities for the associations’ leadership. The program at the preconference was a presentation by the leaders of associations, including myself, to highlight what has worked well for our associations.

At the end of the pre-conference, each participant received a certificate, and then Sharon Booney, COABE CEO, presented the Association Leader of the Year award to me. I was very surprised and thankful for Marilyn Pitzulo and Lara Pastore, who was in the presentation to capture the moment. I’m incredibly proud to be a part of IAACE, and my passion for Adult Education keeps growing with each of our successes. I want to thank all of you for making this possible; yes, as a member of IAACE, I share this award with you. We are better for all the work we do together. Our collaborative efforts are an essential part of our success, so Congratulations to each of you for being a part of the association and a part of our success.

I look forward to continuing our success, and together, we will showcase IAACE for many years to come.

The SAALI program’s benefits include help with governance, conference, recognition and marketing, funding, fiscal procedures, and the collaboration of the other participants. SALI will come to a close in May with a showcase of excellence program on 5/22.

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