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Time for reflection is significant to me. Reflecting after a conference is vital; carefully consider what you learned, what knowledge was reinforced, and how to share it with others. One of the things about the COABE Conference to reflect on was a session I went to by Josh Davies. You might remember he was a keynote for IAACE in 2017. The session, Becoming a Resilient Leader. The refresher brief is about each person’s journey to better see and communicate. He provided seven ways to become that resilient leader.

1. Set High Expectations
2. Get Real
3. Monotask- one task at a time
4. Embrace failure
5. Get Uncomfortable
6. Trade Screens for Faces- Remember: 7% spoken word, 38% tone voice, non-verbal 55%
7. Focus on What Matters

I loved his examples and stories reiterating the way and enjoyed the reminders.

IAACE strives to be this type of leader for Indiana Adult Education. Indiana is doing great things, and we are getting our share of “pats on the back” and “way to go.”  We will continue our Journey and be one of the best by embracing as many of these ways as possible. Will you be a part of our Journey? As an IAACE member, I encourage you to contact team members and another provider and invite them on our Journey. Invite them to join IAACE. We will continue our Journey of being one of the best.

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