Vote for your Board of Directors

There are many ways to get involved with and support your membership organization, but voting for your local board members is one of the most important. Voting for the Board of Directors is a way to have your voice heard. The Board is accountable to members electing them to represent their interests.

The Board of Directors serves as the governing body of the Association and is responsible for overseeing all of its affairs. The Executive Committee and each committee have important roles that keep our association strong, including Membership, Benefits, Communications and Advocacy, and Professional Development.

All members are welcome to vote; you can vote electronically from March 29- April 13. To vote, sign into the Member Area and click “Board Voting” at the top of the page.

Our board of directors is full of knowledgeable and dedicated volunteers who do their best to keep our association running smoothly. Our BOD has an open-door policy and welcomes member comments and feedback on our efforts.

Vote for your Board of Directors TODAY! They work for you.

You have a voice at this Association, and it’s time to use it.

Click here to see the Ballot!

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