Did you Know ? The Table Update 2

The General Assembly crossed deadlines for bills to be passed out of originating chambers this week. The legislature is on its mid-session break and will return to the Statehouse on Monday, March 6th.

So what do we do now?

The advocacy committee is working with our lobbyist on critical strategies.

Defining our difference is more important than ever. In the collective, we can market our programs as part of Indiana Adult Education and highlight the Adult Education Facts and success stories of students and business partners. We can educate the masses about Workforce Education Initiatives (WEI) and Integrated Education & Training (IET).

Public relations and relationship building should always be a part of the purpose, and speaking our truth will allow us to educate and build allies. Will you be a part?

We have created a campaign, “Did you know,” for our social media channels. We encourage you to share them with your message in your voice. Click here to go to our social media page. The Department of Workforce Development also has a page of selections available; click here.

We will assist you in customizing our posts, but the easiest way is to share #IAACE posts and add your comments.

Check back often as posts will continue to be added, and we will take requests for creations.

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