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This is the year of Digital Skills; we all know stuff and can all learn more. You might have heard it referenced as Digital Literacy. Literacy defines as”competence or knowledge in a specified area.” Our abilities differ in many specified areas, including reading, writing, mathematics, finance, and technology. We are human. There is never ‘nothing‘ to learn when it comes to digital skills. So no matter what you call it Digital Literacy or Digital Skills, we have different abilities and can improve. Therefore we announce Digital Skills Lab will be the upgrade of Tech Talks.

Tech Talks has had about a two-year run, and we covered some great content. You can find all the archives on the website and the platform. Think of this as a facelift. The enhancements are all about the Digital Skills we want to improve, learn or be able to teach. Luckily the hosts have not changed; Neil Richmund, our collaborating partner on our platform and all things marketing, will join Jenn, your trusty Executive Director, a lifelong learner, and geek, will lead and guide improving our digital skills and assist you in helping your adult learners to grow their digital literacy. We will all learn from each other.

Our first Digital Skills Lab will be on Zoom on February 2, at 12:30 Central/1:30 Eastern. You can always view it on the calendar as well. The first topic, Video Conferencing  – reviews the basics and a couple more advanced strategies to connect with students or to help students use the tools. Join us Thursday at 1:30 pm et. 

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