IAACE is More Than A Conference Part 2

The IAACE Board is more than a conference planning committee. The IAACE Board of Directors is made up of thirteen individuals. The Executive Committee comprises five elected officers: the President, President-Elect, Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The President-Elect has a three-year term, which allows the individual to co-chair our conference, our signature fundraiser, then move to President to initiate goals for the organization and supervise the Executive Director, and then the past President to allow guidance time and finishing goals. We elect a President-Elect every year. The Secretary and Treasurer positions are elected in alternating years. This is our year to elect a secretary. The secretary’s primary role is documentation of our meetings and the organization’s history.

The membership elects seven voting officers, three during odd-numbered years, four during even-number years, and one appointed from the Indiana Literacy Association. Board officers are responsible for chairing and working on committees; the current committees are Advocacy, Conference, Communications, Professional Development, Membership, Adult Learner Engagement, Audit, History, Literacy, and Awards. The board of directors chairs and sets the goals for these committees. This is a massive part  of the ‘more than a conference.’

In part one, we briefly mentioned our purpose and benefits. The advocacy committee is responsible for our purpose. Communication Committee works with the executive director to deliver blogs, newsletters, and website communication.

The Professional Development (PD) committee works with the conference, virtual institute, and our virtual.iaace platform to deliver quality PD in our field.

The Membership Committee is responsible for our benefits and the IAACE community network.

The Adult Learner Engagement Committee is responsible for assisting our adult learners to be engaged in telling their stories to market adult education and programs.

The Audit Committee reviews all things financial.

The History Committee is about the documentation and safekeeping of our 40 years as an organization.

The Literacy Committee is our fundraising arm as a 501 c3 organization, but it also keeps adult education focused on the primary basis of the ability to read and comprehend.

The Award committee is a selected committee by the board that reviews the award process and nominations, and the awards are given within the conference.

Now we talk a lot about the conference because each and every committee has a part in it, focusing on their goals with the audience of our membership. If you skipped to the end to find the answer, that is it. Your board of directors is our compass. They assist in reaching new directions, building new benefits, and forging adult education into the future. If you know someone who wants to be a part of the board, nominate them today.

In closing, please join us; the IAACE Community chats are on the first Thursday and the third Friday. Jenn, IAACE Executive Director, holds the chats on Zoom to provide opportunities for members to network and get the information they need to understand the value of their IAACE membership and how to reap the benefits. Find details on how to join on the calendar.  In February, the focus for these chats will be the work of committees.

For Committee Information, click here.


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  1. Daniela (Danni) Mancusi-Shreve
    Daniela (Danni) Mancusi-Shreve says:

    Keep doing great work! One of these days, I’ll surprise you and show up to a chat. See you next month at the State House.



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