2023 IAACE Board Nominations are Open

Board Leadership positions are open!

Board members lead and direct our organization to support our mission/purpose to advocate for adult education in Indiana,  to support the vision to cultivate leaders who advance adult education for stronger communities, and also the IAACE values:

  • Collaborates with Indiana adult education stakeholders.
  • Communicates and promotes adult education.
  • Facilitates professional development.
  • Provides support to members.

Frequently asked questions:

How often does the board meet? The board meets monthly, typically on the second Friday of the month; the schedule may vary. Typically the meetings are held via Zoom, with four per year in person.

Where does the board meet?  The Board meets via Zoom. When it meets in person, the meetings are typically held in Plainfield, In. June transition meeting locations may vary, but all are based on a consensus from the board.

May I nominate myself? Yes, absolutely, you may self-nominate.  You may also reach out to a nominating committee member to seek a nomination or a colleague.

Who is serving on the nominating committee for this year? Lauren Bell, Mandi Logsdon, Ted Pearson, and Cynthia Warner Lowe.

How does the process work? The nomination process is set according to the Bylaws Article IX. To summarize, the nomination process opens for 15 days. The Committee shall select a slate of candidates to appear on the ballot. At least 30 days before the annual meeting, the members shall vote for a period of 15 days. Candidates receiving the plurality of votes shall be elected, and the committee will verify and announce at the annual meeting.  Candidates are typically notified before the annual meeting via phone call or email.

When is the 2023 IAACE Annual Meeting? Friday, May 5, 2023, via Zoom. It will be a part of the Virtual Institute but is open to all members despite registration for the virtual institute.

What are the advantages of serving on the IAACE Board? There are so many advantages!  This position is not just a resume builder. As a leader on the board, you represent your region of the state to support adult education as a whole.  You have a say in membership benefits, and the professional development offered, and you learn and grow as you support the organization’s mission, vision, and values. Networking alone is very beneficial.

What are the open positions on the board of directors this year?

  • President-Elect Three-year term, the president-elect is the co-conference chair, then serves as President for one year, and then Past-President for one year. The President-Elect shall automatically succeed to the presidency in the event of a vacancy; serve as the presiding officer in the absence of the President or at the President’s request at any official meeting of the Association; perform other duties as assigned by the President; preside as Co-chair of the Conference Committee with the Executive Director. President-Elect shall serve as a Board member of ILA.
  • Secretary- Two-year term, The Secretary shall be responsible for: the distribution of the previous meeting’s minutes at each meeting, making corrections in the minutes as directed by the President, the recording each meeting’s minutes. In the absence of the Executive Director, the secretary shall promptly notify all board members of the date, time, place, and agenda of each board meeting as the President prescribes.
  • Three Board MembersThe Board of Directors shall develop and bring policy recommendations before the membership for its vote wherever the bylaws specifically require such consideration and action by the membership; implement the policies either as adopted by the membership or as developed by the Board; fill vacancies according to these bylaws; print an annual report of the Association and make it available to the membership; monitor and audit officers’ performance to determine that the business of the Association is being carried out in accordance with the Association’s policies, objectives, and plans, and that satisfactory results are obtained; interpret and carry forward the policies of the Association and cooperate with the national organization; receive and authorize expenditures of any funds which are deemed requisite and necessary for the operation and maintenance of the Association.

           This question is sourced from the IAACE Bylaws  Article V.


How do I nominate a board member? You must be a current IAACE member in good standing. Sign in and complete the nomination form at //iaace.com/2023-board-nomination-form/ with your nominees name, affiliation, phone, and email, and click submit. You will receive the message, “Thanks for your nomination! We will contact you with questions only. The Nominating Committee is available for questions.

What if I need help submitting or have additional questions? You may visit iaace.com/help/, email director@iaace.com, or contact a nominating committee member, Lauren Bell, Mandi Logsdon, Ted Pearson, and Cynthia Warner Lowe.

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