Winter has arrived officially today, December 21. I’m not ready for the cold, but I believe I’m prepared for the holidays. Gifts have been bought. Menu and grocery shopping are near completion, and Hippo has got his bath! The theme of the month has been Digital Equity, including Digital Skills. It has got me thinking about the entertainment portion of our Christmas. I like to plan something so that the devices don’t come out! Last year, we played a game of Jeopardy created by Britni at Play Party Plan. It was a little work preparing the good old fashion poster board game, but they enjoyed it. I think a break from digital is a good thing, which is why I love her site. I picked the family feud game this year, but then I saw Stack Attack, which can be played with trivia, songs, or movie quotes. I look forward to playing this one; everyone is bringing a gift to make it interesting. We have done some gift exchange each year, and though it didn’t originate from her site, she has lots of variations on the gift exchange games as well; we have been doing those at the December board meeting since I became Executive Director in 2018. This year was no different, the stealing is always the fun part, and some gift cards, an escape room game, and a Christmas mug set kept making their rounds.

On behalf of the IAACE Board of Directors and myself, we wish you a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. May you celebrate your holiday in the unique way that brings you the most joy! Happy Winter. We appreciate your membership; if you need a last-minute gift and want to give the gift of an IAACE membership, email me!

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