Gift of Digital Skills

If Santa could bring the gift of all the Digital Skills we need to be efficient in our daily lives, both personally and professionally, that would be the only gift I would ask for; how about you? Santa might have to gift us weekly to keep up. Keeping up on our digital skills is often something we don’t make time for, and then there are the constant updates to technology that can keep even the most digitally literate person on their toes. We are celebrating Digital Inclusion all month long. Digital Inclusion services are the programs, actions, and services developed and sustained to assist community members in gaining access to appropriate devices, sustainable broadband, digital skill building, and developing long-term digital skills. We started this month with a blog reminding us about the Affordable Connectivity Program. We have posted reminders of digital skill websites on our Facebook page. Today we announce two things. (drumroll, please)

  1. A Digital Equity & Skills Resources page! This page is to keep all the resources we need in one handy spot. Please email Jenn or comment on this blog with the link if you have a resource to add to the page.
  2. IAACE will hold a Virtual Institute on Friday, May 5, 2023. The focus of this professional development opportunity will be improving our Digital Skills/Literacy and advocacy skills. It will take place on our platform live. If you have suggestions for content, please email Jenn or add them to the comments on this blog! We will release details in late January. Save the date and some professional development funds for your selected staff to attend.

IAACE wants to include you in developing this virtual institute and the improvement of the page and website, and platform as a whole, so please reach out to Jenn with your ideas, comments, and suggestions.

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