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Looking ahead to the new year, what skill would you like to improve? Is it a digital skill? Digital skills are the ability to find, evaluate, use, share, and create content using digital devices, such as computers and smartphones. Another term for this has been Digital Literacy. Literacy is more than just reading and writing; literacy has been grouped with health, financial, and cultural, to name a few. They all represent skills within the subject and the ability to understand and communicate the skills. We prefer the term Digital Skills.

Digital transformation is on the rise and affecting every industry imaginable. Think about farming and the food industry and how both have changed so much, as well as the real estate industry. We can thank the pandemic for the rapid progress we have made in the digital world, and although the pandemic pushed us along quicker, we have been a digital world for a very long time. Digital has been a part of many jobs, and employers have always expected employees to learn new skills on the job. But the percentage of employers that require more digital skills has undoubtedly grown.

There’s always something to learn. Period. Improving our skills is an everyday occurrence. We have a new page on our website to provide links to the many sites that can assist you and your students improve your digital skills. Don’t delay; start today!

WIN Learning (WIN) helps school districts, community colleges, adult education programs, corrections, workforce development, and business and industry organizations ensure all learners and job seekers have the skills to be successful in their path to career readiness. WIN’s Personalized Career Readiness System provides learners and job seekers with the tools necessary to prepare them for the future, whether it’s college, a trade school, the military, or the workplace. is A free educational website that teaches older adults and inexperienced internet users basic computer skills in websites. Provides many articles and tutorials on 21st-century online platforms, tools, and social media.  Lessons are available in English. Great for learning how to use computers, tablets, and smartphones, as well as specific apps and websites, and how to engage in online culture. Lessons are holistic, guiding downloading to deleting apps. is A “one-stop shop” for computer and technology training for computer basics, hardware, software, applications, and basic job search resources. Resources include facilitator support for utilizing the courses and designing your own. Lessons are available in English and Spanish. Great for self-guided learners and self-paced community learning. Great for visual learners with lower literacy skills. is a Website with free resources and tools for learners to acquire the necessary skills for 21st-century life. From Microsoft Office and email to reading and math, the site provides more than 180 topics, with more than 2,000 lessons, 800+ videos, and 55+ interactives and games.   Lessons are available in English and Spanish. Great for self-guided learners who may require extensive training and assistance to guide their digital literacy journey. Requires basic literacy skills.

Check the page for more skill sites and Digital Equity and Inclusion sources. View the page

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