Invest in the Story

How many stories have you told?

Have you told stories about friends, family, students, or experiences?

How many stories have you listened to?

Have those stories helped you make connections and gain a perspective?

Have they assisted you in communicating?

Stories are essential to getting to know each other and ourselves. They are essential to our communication.

A story has one purpose. A story’s purpose is to be told.

We help our community make connections and gain perspectives when we tell and share stories. We share stories to communicate our purpose, successes, and failures.  We learn and grow through these stories, and so does our community.

IAACE invites you to share stories in three ways.

  1. Have your students share their stories at Stories inputted in this form will be emailed to the program director selected within the form. They can upload pictures and/or videos to share their success story.  It collects the release and signature!  These will be used for Adult Education Day. This is also a great start for them to participate in the IAACE Essay Contest.
  2. Share a story about a Business Partner in the Business Partner Recognition Submission Form. The story is told by describing the partnership between your organization and the business. The bonus is that the story will be shared and recognized at the Adult Education Day at the Indiana State House on Feb. 15.
  3. Share a story about you calling attention to adult education and your organization with the share an advocacy success. These influencer stories will be a part of the adult education day and utilized on the website.

Remember, a story’s purpose is to be told. Please share your stories and invite others to share as well. Together we will share ‘stories of a lifetime.’

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