Happy Thanksgiving

What is your Thanksgiving story? Do you have a history of traditional celebrations? I do. I can count twice that we did not have our annual Thanksgiving celebration at my Uncle’s. One was so long ago that I don’t even remember the reasoning then; the other was in 2020, the pandemic year.

The holiday has always been a favorite, the Gratitude for time with this side of my family can be emotional for me. The Gratitude for the quality time, the meal, and the conversations are hard to express with mere words. Each celebration is a part of my story, and each person who is a part has their version of the story. Each story is told in its unique way. The importance of the day is measured within these stories.

This month we have shared the many ways we collect your adult education stories, the students, the partners, and your organizations. These stories help us share the importance of adult education within our community. The connection between how you spend your holidays and the stories of your work is the Gratitude we have for all of it. I’m grateful for my ability to share a holiday greeting with you today and to be a part of adult education in Indiana. I wish you an abundance of storytelling as you celebrate your Thanksgiving. May your day be full of Gratitude for all the stories that make up the day.

Have fun making stories.


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