Collecting a Story

What is the importance of collecting stories? If we didn’t collect stories, where would our history come from? IAACE is celebrating forty years as an organization in 2023. We are searching for stories about conferences, initiatives, award winners, and memberships. Our history committee visited the archive at Ball State University, and we started a collection of photos and lists. The history page on the website collects your submission. It can be a picture, a conference program, an award winner, what every you have about IAACE!

You can visit the award list at to assist with proofing and improving the list.

You can visit to help us fill in the missing programs and logos years.

You can also visit to help us fill in the missing years.

You can visit to help us list the retirees from the years we are missing.

All the stories of adult education are a part of IAACE as well. Don’t forget to share student stories and advocacy successes. 

We hope you can help us with the IAACE story; we will celebrate at the 2023 Conference, Fit at Forty-Forging the Future! If you want to design a logo for the conference and be a part of our history, please check out the details for the 2023 Logo Contest at



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