So This Is New

Who doesn’t like a brand new shiny toy? No matter the kind of toy, new toys are fun! What shiny toys does IAACE have?

(drumroll, please)

New Organizational and Retiree memberships.

We featured all the details in the last newsletter. 

Organizational memberships start at ten members. If you want to talk about how to make organizational membership work for your organization, please schedule a time to chat with Jenn; click here.

Tech Talk is also new on Thursday; Neil is talking about boosting enrollments. He may even chat about new tech toys; he will be hosting this one alone as Jenn will be out exploring new toys. Don’t miss this one! Join Neil at 1:30 ET on Thursday by clicking here.

We have committee chairs that are hard at work planning for the next year; if you have an idea for a new iaace toy, then reach out to the committee chairs to share your thoughts. I know that Angela Reffo, your membership committee chair, is dreaming about adding some new perks for iaace members, perhaps discounts at your favorite state attraction! Reach out to a chair or join the committee!

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