PGP/PD -All Your Questions Answered by IDOE

Professional Growth Points and Professional Development Credits are something we all need, whether for a license, a grant, or our own personal growth. IAACE brings you a professional from the Indiana Department of Education to answer your questions on everything in this category. Just in time for the conference!

What questions do you have?

Where do I get PGP/PD?

How do I organize my PGP/PD?

How do I turn it in?

What counts?

What doesn’t count?

Join us on Thursday, August 25 at 10:30 am central /11:30 am eastern for PGP/PD- All your questions answered! You ask the questions, and Risa A. Regnier, Director, Educator Licensing, Indiana Department of Education, will answer your questions. You may submit them ahead of time as well via this form. 

Please register for the session to attend and receive the recording after.

Click here to register.


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