Are you ready for AEFL Week?

We want to assist and make it easy for you to participate in AEFL Week! Let’s review the steps:

Step 1: Check your listing on National Literacy Directory

Step 2: Engage your Legislators

Step 3: Write a News Release and Distribute Thursday, September 15

Step 4: Schedule your Social Media!

IAACE, COABE, and DWD want to help you with it all. All the details for each of the steps are located at All three organizations have social graphics you can download and share on all your social media sites. But there is another way to share on social! You can search by any hashtags, #AEFL2022 #IAACE #COABEontheHill2022 #AdultEd2022 #AdultEdLiteracyWeek #INAdultEd and then share them on your page during the actual week.  This is a great way to spread the word and a way for everyone to participate. Schedule 15 minutes each day to search and share!

Step 5: Get your Success Stories in for the Invest in the Midwest Virtual Rally

COABE Region 3 is also organizing an Invest in the Midwest Virtual Rally that week on Tuesday, September 20, at 10:00 am CT/11:00 am ET. IAACE accepts advocacy success and student success stories to be included in that rally.

Spoiler: One of the things that IAACE will be rolling out AEFL week is the 2nd annual Student Essay Contest and Business Recognition Awards for the 2023 Adult Education Day at the Indiana Statehouse that will take place on Wednesday, February 15, 2023. We also hope to include the announcement that Governor Holcomb proclaims the week.

Now we understand that you may have your plan for AEFL and are doing it your way, and we invite you to share by posting on this blog! Please ask questions as well.




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