Challenges have been made

Being an influencer is not easy. Being a planner doesn’t come easy to many. But we believe there is a happy medium. Here’s the issue: Adult Education does not receive the funding or recognition it deserves.

Here’s how you, an influencer in Adult Education, can change the issue.  The plan starts with these four things.

  1. Accept the Adult Education Influencer Challenge announced in the June newsletter. We ran it in the blog here.
  2. Start your planning for Adult Literacy and Family Literacy Week (#AEFLWeek). Start on this page.
  3. Sign up you and a student for the Student Leadership Track on Wednesday, September 28th at Belterra by August 15th.
  4. Submit Student Success Stories at

Be all you can be for adult education, be an influencer. Accept the challenge! It might just make you a star!


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