The Adult Education Influencer Challenge

The Adult Education Influencer Challenge
Did you know that last year, there were 12 states nationally that experienced significant funding increases?  Did you realize 12 states had Proclamations issued by their Governor?  Yes, there is a direct correlation!  If you are an adult education leader with drive, a passionate educator, a determined office staff, or an inspirational student, now is the time to put your program in the spotlight!  Here are two ways you can engage elected officials at your school:

1) Ask an elected official to host a panel of graduates who will address the current students!  This is a fun way to build inspiration and funding support.

2) Invite an elected official to a local coffee shop and invite 2-3 student Ambassadors who can share how their lives have taken flight because of your school

3) Engage an elected official to share about American democracy with your students.

4) Start a Facebook and Twitter campaign to engage staff and students with your school. When you make school posts, – you ask everyone to share your posts demonstrating your school’s social influence.

Let’s get 100% of our programs to host a special visit from an influential policy maker!  If we achieve this, we will have set the stage for the long session in 2023!  It’s easier to ask for support when there’s a relationship!  IAACE would love to see 100% participation of one adult and one student in the IAACE Leadership track at the fall conference.  As you host a visit, please take a moment to share it with IAACE by uploading a photo or video at (upload).  We plan to open up the Fall 2022 Leadership Track with excellent momentum for a statewide funding increase!  Our IAACE lobbyist, Joe Loftus, will help ensure we are ready!  Details on the Leadership Track are available at

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