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How good is your organization at employee recognition? It can be extremely beneficial to be good at recognition. When team members get recognized for fabulous work and commitment, the organization will receive stronger engagement, increased morale, and lower turnover. Productivity is also very likely to increase. But what is employee recognition? According to, “Employee recognition is the act of publicly acknowledging your people for who they are and what they do.” “The primary objective is to create a positive work environment, inspire high performance, and to create a culture of recognition where employees feel stimulated and appreciated.”

IAACE believes that it also refers to the act of acknowledging an individual performance, effort, and accomplishment that helps goals and values of adult education.  We have a simple way to assist our members with employee recognition: the IAACE Award Program. The nominations are officially open!  We invite all members to celebrate a victory and seize the opportunity to recognize the outstanding in your team.

Begin the Nomination here.



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