National External Diploma Program (NEDP)

What is the NEDP?

  • It is a competency-based, applied performance assessment pathway to a high school diploma

Who does it serve?

  • It serves adults and out of school youth(OSY)

What are the Key Characteristics of NEDP?

  • Focused on life and work skills
  • Self-paced and flexible
  • Appropriate for second language speakers and those who learn differently
  • Learner self-efficacy and active engagement
  • State or Local awarded high school diploma

Who are the NEDP clients?

  • are self-directed learners and can work autonomously
  • are mature adults with life experience who can document their work history, proof of a training program, or interest in postsecondary education
  • demonstrate personal responsibility and problem solving
  • are able to achieve a high intermediate level score on reading, writing, and math CASAS instruments

Current students that NEDP is an option for?

  • HSE Students who have been unsuccessful in one or more parts of HSE
  • Credit completion students who want a quicker path
  • Advanced ELLs who want an HS credential but are not a good candidate for the HSE test

What are the Benefits of the NEDP?

  • Provides nationally recognized diploma option for adults, especially English Language Learners and those with different learning needs
  • Aligns to CCR Standards
  • Allows clients to fulfill adult responsibilities while working on a high school diploma
  • Offers a program relevant to adult needs
  • Offers a completely remote option
  • Promotes digital literacy skills

This is a very general overview, we have invited Margaret Kirkpatrick and Janita McNemar from the NEDP to present to our members an in-depth session on how the NEDP can benefit your program.  Please join us via Zoom on Friday, May 20 at 9:00 am Central/10:00 am Eastern for the IAACE Session, How the National Diploma Session can benefit your program.  Please register to attend at

The session will be recorded and available on the platform.


Credit: The information provided above is directly from slides provided by the NEDP within the IAACE Annual Membership meeting.



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  1. Laura Priebe
    Laura Priebe says:

    This was a great webinar! I wanted to review it to make sure I understood it correctly…is the recording available yet?


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