Salary Survey Results

As promised, here are the results of the ‘What is your salary?’ survey released on March 2, 2022.

Sixty-nine individuals completed the survey at the time of publishing this blog. Forty Teachers/Adult Educator, Fifteen Director/Administrator/Coordinator, and six Administrative/Support Staff.

Forty-nine hourly positions and Twenty salary positions. Only one was a Director/Administrator/Coordinator in the hourly category. Five are teachers in the Salary positions, and one was the other customer manager/trainer.

In the part-time category, there were no director positions. 8 were in other Administrative/Support Staff or Counselors/Career Coach, Orientation Coordinator the rest are Teacher/Adult Educator.

In the Educational level question,  the four that have high school and a credential  2 are teachers, one counselor, and one administrative.

We know the survey wasn’t perfect, and we think a couple of answers to this question might have thrown it out of wack because of the wording. One respondent reported a salary above $201,000 because they make $35 an hour part-time, and their hours vary. They didn’t see the connection that all wages are salaries. They stated that the survey was poorly constructed because it required a salary when most teachers earn wages. They chose the highest one because it was unrealistic for adult education. My explanation is that my salary can vary depending on how many hours I work as I am hourly, but there is a budget for how many hours I can work, which is my potential salary. That’s how I would have answered the question, but I do see the confusion, and I’m willing to share the entire survey if someone wants to dive into it deeper.  (No identifying information will be shared with results.)

Twenty-five responded they were satisfied or very satisfied. Twenty-two were neutral, and 22 were not satisfied or slightly not satisfied. Most in the neutral category listed something about being dissatisfied in the comparison, prep time, and benefits. The comments are where the truth came out: part-time positions, no benefits, and no raises are listed as reasons for not being satisfied.

One of the comments made, “The only negative is that this is a part-time position without any opportunities for full-time.” That’s where I’ll sum it up. Adult Education is important for America’s future. We need a commitment to be at this full-time.  Full-Time Adult Education.

Be a part of the Adult Education Movement. Let’s call attention to Adult Education, the learner’s successes, the job training, the certifications, the High School Equivalencies, and the improvement in life situations because of Adult Education. We will call attention to what Adult Education does, and we will advocate for the funding it deserves to serve the learners and make a better life for all of us.

I urge you to add to your email signature and your bios on social media any or all of the following:

#IAACE Member
I’m a part of the Adult Ed Movement!
Ask me what I do for Adult Education.


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