Heart to Heart

The salary survey results show that the majority are neutral or not satisfied with their salary. There is so much more to it than just that but let’s keep it simple. It’s time for a heart to heart. I love this organization of ours; IAACE is our organization. IAACE has been around since 1983; we will celebrate 40 years in 2022. In December 1943 is when the concept of organization work began. We have history. We have great benefits. The heart of the matter is the people. Our organization is a community, a network. Our members united is a collaboration that can get things done. This network is where you can ask the tough questions, where you can solve real problems, and be a powerhouse of solutions. We want changes in Adult Education. We need more funding. Do you want to change? I’m not expecting you to answer immediately; change is hard. I was hoping you could think about what that question means for adult education and the part you play within it. I want each member to build our capacity to create change, celebrate adult education, make an investment in our future raises, and be a part of the solution to automation and statewide marketing. Renew your membership and talk with a co-worker about joining IAACE. Together we can work smarter, not harder. We can do more together.

Will you join the movement?

Join me on Thursday at 9:30 Central/10:30 Eastern to participate in the movement or commit with the form below.

My heart is telling me that we can do this together.

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