Marketing Timeline

We talked about Marketing by Seasons or a timeline in the last Tech Talk. Neil and Amy offered tips to support your efforts.

For example:

July, August, and September =Enrollment/Retention

Don’t forget those who did not follow through!

October, November, and December= Measurable Skills Gain/HSE

Follow up with absences.

January, February, and  March= Retention

Fresh Start messages!

April, May, and June=Completion/HSE

Collect their stories!

Overall, we have said it more than once. Text message outways email! We hope that was just enough of a tease that you will want to watch the entire Tech Talk replay. View the complete Tech Talk on the platform. Click here.

Is this not enough? Would you like to pick the brains of your colleagues or brainstorm more marketing ideas? IAACE is bringing you a chance to network with others of your title. After the Annual Meeting on May 6, we will have breakout rooms to allow you to network with other members across the state to talk about the topics you want to talk about, ask questions, and learn from each other. Register in advance for the Annual meeting:

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