IAACE Conference Call for Proposals

It is time to fall into the Call for Proposals for the 2022 IAACE Fall Conference September 28-30 at Belterra Casino.

The proposal committee is looking for quality presentations in the following strands:

  1. English Language Learner (ELL)  The strand leads are Gretchen Easterday and Brenda Gaston.
  2. Corrections- The strand lead is Mike Thombleson.
  3. Personal Development-The strand lead is Konnie McCollum.
  4. Adult Basic Education– The Stand lead is Cynthia Warner-Lowe.
    1. Literacy
    2. Math
    3. Writing
  5. HSE- HiSET– The strand lead is Sheila Butler
  6. Technology- The strand lead is Karen Crawford.
  7. Administrative- The strand lead is Rob Moore.
  8. Workforce/IET/WEI– The strand lead is Laura Elsbrock.

We encourage you to reach out to the strand lead that you believe your proposal might fit if you need assistance. Remember you can reach them by looking them up in the membership directory, click here.

Please find all the information on the form. You must complete the entire form to submit it. You do have the option to save and continue, the system will automatically email you a link to return to your form.

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