IAACE Annual Meeting

It’s time for the annual IAACE membership meeting. The meeting will be held via Zoom on Friday, May 6, at 10:00 am Eastern Time. You invest with your membership; we hope you will attend the annual meeting to follow up on that investment. The agenda is posted below and at iaace.com/membership-annual-meeting. We ask that members register to attend the meeting. We do have limitations on the number that will be able to attend on Zoom. If we exceed our number, we will Livestream the event. Please register to attend by clicking here.

Immediately after the Annual Meeting, we will have a breakouts session by position. These sessions aim to provide opportunities for members to converse on matters important to them by the role they fulfill within their prospective organizations. We hope to break out into rooms by position, and we will have a facilitator in each room to assist in guiding the conversation. These sessions will be a great warm-up to an event at this Fall Conference.

Be in the know, join the IAACE annual meeting on Friday, May 6 at 10:00 am Eastern/9:00 am Central. Register to attend at bit.ly/IAACE2022AnnualMeeting.


I. 10:00 am Call to order – Sheila Butler

II. 2021 Annual Meeting minutes’ review (Link above to view prior and published on the website) by Karen Crawford

III. Treasurer Report by Lisa Cruea

IV. Advocacy Committee by Rob Moore

V. Adult Learner Engagement Committee- Konnie McCollum

VI. Audit Committee by to be determined

VII. Literacy Committee by Tom Miller

VIII. Communications Committee by Jenn Wigginton

IX. Conference Committee by Mike Thombleson

a. Call for Proposals
b. Registration
c. Hotel
d. Schedule

X. Professional Development by Mike Thombleson and or Karen Crawford

a. Virtual.iaace.com Platform

XI. Membership Committee by Cynthia Warner Lowe

XII. History Committee by Laura Smart

XIII. New Board Members announced:
a. Elections results announced
b. Leaving the board are:
i. Darcey Mitchelson
ii. Laura Elsbrock
iii. Cynthia Warner Lowe
iv. Laura Smart

XIV. Old Business:
a. 2022 Conference- #’s report

XV. New Business:
a. Membership Bylaws
b. National Diploma
c. IU Health
d. 2022- 2023 budget

XVI. General Member Comment and Questions

XVII. Announcements (available for all members)

a. Conference 2022 will be on September 28, 29, 30 at Belterra Casino Resort in Florence, IN
b. Conference 2023 will be on September 27, 28, 29 at Blue Chip Casino Hotel & Spa in Michigan City

XVIII. Adjourn Meeting
XIX. Breakout Rooms begin

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