Success Story from Broadview Learning Center

Briceth Avila in her words with translation


Mi vida antes de la escuela, era un poco aburrida porque después de casi 5 años sin escuela quería ir y aprender, en mi casa leía mucho porque es algo que me gusta hacer. 


My life before school was a bit boring because for almost 5 years without attending school I wanted to learn. At home I would read a lot because it is something that I like to do.


Ahora tengo más ánimos de seguir estudiando y poder estudiar lo que quiero ser en el futuro. (Trabajadora Social


Now I have more ambition to continue studying.  I can now study what I would like to do in the future and that is to be a Social Worker.


Ambas me motivaron a no dejar la escuela, y me ayudaron mostrándome programas en Español con los cuales podía facilitar mi manera de aprender. Y estoy muy agradecida con ellas por eso, grandes y estupendas mujeres!!


Both Sheila Butler and Patricia Marvin motivated me to not quit school and they helped me by showing me programs in Spanish which facilitated the way I learn.  I am very grateful to them for this.  They are great and stupendous women.


Quiero mejorar mi Inglés, ser trabajadora social y ayudar a todas las personas que lo necesiten!! En especial a la comunidad latina que no habla Inglés.


I want to improve my English, become a Social Worker, and help all of the people who need help, especially the community that doesn’t speak English.


Patricia adds,  “ Briceth is one of my biggest miracles. A girl who came to the US with no English and a 7th-grade education successfully achieved her high school equivalency diploma 2 years later. Briceth reminded me that if you believe in a kid and never give up on them, they usually achieve great things.”

Sheila shares “Briceth was a motivated and hard worker with goals driving her each day.  She was getting married and really wanted to complete it before that happened, and she did!”

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