Let’s hear it for these benefits!

Your membership is not only that; your IAACE membership is a community. Indiana Adult Education knows that collaboration is the key to success. We thrive in Indiana because we collaborate and learn from each other. We are constantly expanding the list of membership benefits, and the best way to learn more about your membership is one bite at a time! Here are some highlights of some latest additions:

    1. Update your profile with a picture or logo, add information about your expertise and what you can help with or what you would like to receive help.
    2. Watch the video on how to update your profile on the platform, //virtual.iaace.com/membership-orientation/
    1. Virtual.iaace.com is your professional development platform (Your PD platform). All Members have access to the platform if you do not visit here for directions. The access on the platform are memberships, Virtual Institute April 2021, or the 2021 Fall Conference ticket. The only way to access this site is to have utilized the link provided within your membership orientation or visit this page. The Tech Talks from January and February are now located on the platform. January is on Success Stories, and February is on marketing your program.
  • Success Stories – 
    • We have created an easy way for you to gather student success stories. Your students may directly access the site at: https://iaace.com/stories/. 
    • It collects all the releases that you need. The stories submitted will go directly to the program director. It is truly your one-stop shop for managing success stories.
  • Tech Talks
    • The first Thursday of each month at 12:30 central/1:30 eastern, Neil Richmund with Connectable provides answers to your technology questions and all things related to adult education. The goal is to provide you with quick and easy help where you need it. You can submit ideas and watch last year’s Tech Talks on the website at //iaace.com/tech-talk/. 
    • Tech Talks for this year are now located on the virtual.iaace.com platform to serve your professional development needs, //virtual.iaace.com/course/tech-talks/.
  • Jobs page//iaace.com/jobs/
    • We have had several members ask, and we found the tool to deliver! You can now submit and manage jobs within your program and view jobs offered on the webpage.

If you need more help on any of the above or any membership benefits, you can …

  1. Check out the Help page at //iaace.com/help/. 
  2. Join Jenn on a Zoom on Thursday at 10:30 eastern; find the details at //iaace.com/calendar-of-events/.
  3. Schedule a Chat with Jenn; click here.
  4. Email director@iaace.com or call 317-721-9365.

I’d love to hear what you think about the benefits above or any benefits you would like to add.

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