Being a Board Member keeps you “in the know”

Serving on the IAACE Board of Directors benefits the individual and their organization. It looks great on a resume for the individual, and you are in the know on all iaace benefits and events! That can hold for the organization when the individual shares the knowledge gained with their organization. Board members can impact benefits, the conference, and other professional development offerings. It is also easy to serve; the meetings are once a month via Zoom. The board meets two times a year in person. The committee’s work varies, but all board members serve on the conference committee, and each chooses another committee to serve on or chair. You decide based on your interests. The Committees and a blurb about what they do are below.

Advocacy: This is essential! This committee works with our lobbyist and impacts all of Adult Education.

Communication: Keeps our members informed and knowledgeable of their benefits.

Membership Committee:  Handles all things related to membership, including benefits, growth, orientation, etc.

Conference Committee: Assists with planning the conference.

Adult Learner Engagement: Assisting with all things related to our adult learners.

Professional Development Committee: This committee handles the conference call for proposals and all other extras that IAACE may provide.


The things I hear the most from those who serve are how it helps them be in the know and not miss anything and the ability to network and impact the organization’s success. The camaraderie and collaboration of the board members inspire me to do my best work for IAACE.

Please reach out to a nomination committee member, a member of the board, or me if you need more information but don’t delay the nomination process closes at the end of the day on Thursday, Feb 17. Be in the know, nominate today!



Jenn, IAACE Executive Director


Here are the links you need:

Blog with Election Committee contacts and more information

Link to the nomination form.

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